Beta Scientifics | a VLSI services company

Beta Scientifics is a Emerging VLSI services company. Mainly focused on the services of Physical Design, RTL, Verification and Analog Layout.

We focus customer oriented services with a high quality of team.
We commit on the quality and productivity from each and every aspect and view of customers.

Having an Experienced team of overall 150+ years.
Working experience on SoC, servers groups, Graphics and gaming processors, mobile processor and on various IPs include DDR, GDDR, Serdes, HBM, PCIE, Ethernet etc…

Our biggest advantage is experience on the multi-million gate designs and hands-on experience each stage of the flows with working experience on all the MNCs in the Industry

Our engineering team is very strong in all CMOS & process technologies across all the foundries.

Business Model

  • ODC model
  • Milestone or outcome based
  • Resources augmentation.

Physical Design

Physical Design is the most important step in the chip designing and we have the best PD team with a world class hands on experience from RTL to GDSII

RTL & Verification

As the Spec is going more and more complex RTL and Verification is the key for the complex designs.
We provide the best engineers handpicked from the Industry.

Analog Layout

The technologies are goon shrinking and so the Std cells and macros. With emerging of the MOS technologies the more complex layouts need to be handled.

Extend hands together

Beta Scientifics is extending hands to all the semiconductor organizations finding us for the services.
We committed to the quality and productive.